CFUW Elects Doris Mae Oulton as President 2014-2016

At its annual general meeting and conference, CFUW elected Doris Mae Oulton as its new President for 2014-2016.  Doris Mae has been a member of the University Women’s Club of Winnipeg since 1984, She was its President from 1990-1992. She has been CFUW Vice President of the Prairies, Regional Director for Manitoba and Vice President Communications and Governance on the National Board.  

Doris Mae Oulton CFUW Winnipeg University Women's Club

Ms. Oulton has many years of experience working with the Federal Government, Health Canada, where she helped  establish an oral health programs in First Nations communities across Canada; and for Treasury Board of Canada,  where she worked on both the disability management and performance management programs..  While with the Manitoba Government, as ADM Women’s Directorate, she was one of the authors of the first statement opposing violence against women endorsed by federal/provincial Status of Women Ministers.  As CEO of the Children and Youth Secretariat she championed, and was able to implement, early childhood intervention programs and establish the efficacy of interdepartmental cooperation and coordination in this area. As ADM, Culture Heritage and Citizenship, she negotiated the first Federal/Provincial Immigration agreement for a Provincial Nominee program. 

She is CEO of her own organizational management company, Community and Youth Solutions, working with a wide range of non-profit, government and private organizations.

Ms. Oulton is on the Board of the Nellie McClung Foundation, a founding member of WOW (Women of Winnipeg), a past chair of both the YMCA/YWCA Women of Distinction Awards and the LEAF Person Day breakfast in Winnipeg. She is a recipient of the Women of Distinction Award and was declared the Martha Stewart of Manitoba by the Winnipeg Free Press. She is an avid cook, having trained at Cordon Bleu in London, and a keen gardener.

CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization with over 100 CFUW Clubs, located in every province across Canada. Since its founding in 1919, CFUW has been working to improve the status of women, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace. 


Doris Mae at the Annual General Meeting of CFUW  June 18-21, 2015 in beautiful Quebec City.

The woman in the centre of the  photograph was one of the guest speakers. She is Mme. Colette Roy-Laroche of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, which is recovering from the 2013 train explosion which killed 47 residents and virtually erased the core of  her town. Her presentation and slides are on the CFUW website as well as a full description of the AGM.  Check out their material on Facebook too.                                                                           


Delegate Voting on Resolutions at the CFUW AGM  Quebec City  June, 2015

Delegate Voting on Resolutions at the CFUW AGM  Quebec City  June, 2015



My First Three Months as CFUW President      

Doris Mae Oulton

             OCTOBER, 2104

The road to being CFUW president: Status of Women Chair; VP Prairies. VP Governance, and RD Manitoba….as well as president UWC Winnipeg. Should have been prepared – perhaps not.

CFUW is a complex organization. Clubs vary in terms of computer literacy, interest in advocacy, programs offered, and sustainability. They are universally concerned about membership and fees. The women involved are vital, warm, innovative and hold strong opinions. Sometimes the things that cause dissent are most unexpected.

One of the things I am very proud about is the campaign to support an inquiry (read ANY ACTION – pay attention) for murdered and missing aboriginal women. We had over 250 letters sent but we had some (limited) concerns expressed. One concern raised was that this was a slippery slope; the next thing that would be expected was that people would be being asked to march and wave placards. (Given my work with Nellie McClung – you know that is not far from the truth.) Provincial governments have made a move to proceed with a round table and Minister Leitch has ‘broken’ from the Harper position and said that she will participate at these round tables. I believe we had an effect.

Since June, we have launched the new look – with supports for Clubs – so that we begin to have a more consistent look across Canada; members have presented at the hearings on the Bill C-36; we had a very exciting meeting with the Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan; there have been donations to the Charitable Trust 100th Anniversary scholarships fund - $17,000 from Susan Murphy’s walk and $5,000 from the Oakville Club. There have been receptions in Winnipeg and Oakville; Operation Connect – calls to all the CFUW presidents – has started with a good response. I have: visited Portage La Prairie; attended the Charitable Trust Trustees meeting; attended the Ontario Standing Committee meetings; and am visiting Yorkton for their 60th Anniversary on October 18th.

Wish me luck - your warm support has been wonderful.